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Photo Challenge 52Frames #9 Extreme Contrast

Challenge #9 from was Extreme Contrast, playing with light and shadow and finding an extreme difference between the light and dark parts of a photo.  I had the idea to shoot a golf ball in the dark lit from the side so half would be bright white and the light would fade to dark on the other side similar to a half moon shot.

Tee Time

I used a black tee and set it up in a pegboard and lit the ball from camera right with a Litra light.  If I did this again I would move the light more to the back of the ball instead of directly on the side.  This would have lessened the light on the tee as well.  I also had some light leaking in from the windows that you can see in the upper middle and left of the ball, but overall I was happy with the finished shot.

Next week’s challenge is Abandoned and I have a few ideas of building in my local area.  

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