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52Frames Everything In Focus

At a local vineyard they have paths that go through the gardens next to the vines. While we were having a tasting I grabbed this one with the Fujifilm x100v at f16. Usually I would go at a more open aperture and focus on the vines or the garden, but I like the way this came out keeping everything in focus. Cheers!

52Frames Inspired By A Photographer

Went outside of my comfort zone and tried some street photography inspired by Valarie Jardin. I took my Fujifilm x100v to downtown Salem and tried finding interesting subjects. All photos I took were in black and white and straight out of camera using the Acros film simulation. I kind of missed focus on this one, but liked the photo.

52Frames Abstract

This is from the Painted Hills ear John Day, Oregon. I walked around on several of the trails looking at the different hills and like the different shades on the rocks of this hillside. I zoomed in to remove all the background.

52Frames Architecture

A vineyard near our house has a spiral staircase that I really like and I decided to try shooting up from the ground floor. Took several shots from different angles and different spots on the stairs, but liked this one the best. When I was done shooting I enjoyed a tasting. Cheers!

52Frames Flat Lay

My Sony collection. A6000 with six apsc lenses and my A7iii with eight full frame lenses. On the right are old manual focus lenses from a variety of manufacturers, mostly Minolta MD mount. At the bottom is my Benro tripod which I finally settled on after several cheaper not so good tripods. Cheers!

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