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52Frames Inspired By A Photographer

Inspired by Don Komarechka I placed water drops on a pine needle and placed it in front of the Christmas tree, focused on the drop, and fired away. A pretty cool effect and I have a lot of room for improvement on this one. I think I will try this in the spring with flowers, but will definitely practice this technique. Don wrote a great book on macro photography that spells out many different techniques and styles.

52Frames Fill The Frame

Caught our dog, Hank, trying to take a nap on the hardwood floor and layer down in front of him and snapped away. Went with shallow depth of field and focused on the left eye. Got up to edit and Hank finished his nap.

52Frames Wabi Sabi

The decor at a local pizza place was my inspiration. Turn Here Pizza in Turner, Oregon is decorated with old signs, license plates, and other pieces of nostalgia. They also have great pizza and drinks! Cheers!

52Frames Face A Fear

Unexpected hurdles can and do pop up to disrupt plans and I try to be prepared, but Mr. Murphy tags along from time to time. The fear of these popping up can cause you to worry about too many details and try to plan for every contingency and sometimes it’s best to just roll with it. The hurdles you overcome are sometimes the most memorable part of a journey.

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