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Photo Challenge 52Frames #11 Triangular Composition

The week 11 photo challenge from was ‘Triangular Composition.  The intentional use of triangles in photography is another composition tool to create strong and interesting photos. They are used to create stability and sometimes symmetry in your photo.  The trick was to find these triangles.  I went on several walks and drive trying to find something with a triangular shape that I could photograph, I took several, but decided on this photo from a park near my home with some trees that formed a triangle shape with the sunrise peaking through.

Sunrise Silhouette

This was a challenging one for me because triangles aren’t something I naturally look for or use in my photography.  Once I started looking ad thinking about the shape I was able to find some and got some decent photos.  And I think that is the point of these challenges is to push yourself to see things in a different way and explore things you wouldn’t normally try.

Ready to Explode

Leaning Trees

Sunrise in the Pines

Next week’s challenge is ‘Books’, so I will see what I can come up with from the library in my house while being locked in avoiding the virus.

Photo Challenge 52Frames #10 Abandoned

This week’s challenge from was Abandoned.  As soon as I saw this challenge I thought of an old school out near where I grew up that I drive by occasionally that has been boarded up for years.  I’m not sure when they shut this school down but I remember it being used in the 70’s.  I drove out and took some shots with my Sony A6000 using a Funleader lens, an 18mm fixed f8 lens I picked up from Kickstarter.

Old School

I took several additional shots, but this is the one I chose.  I also tried developing some in color and some in black & white and I liked the b&w a little more especially considering the challenge.  Here are some of the other shots I took.

Next week’s challenge is Triangular Composition.

Photo Challenge 52Frames #9 Extreme Contrast

Challenge #9 from was Extreme Contrast, playing with light and shadow and finding an extreme difference between the light and dark parts of a photo.  I had the idea to shoot a golf ball in the dark lit from the side so half would be bright white and the light would fade to dark on the other side similar to a half moon shot.

Tee Time

I used a black tee and set it up in a pegboard and lit the ball from camera right with a Litra light.  If I did this again I would move the light more to the back of the ball instead of directly on the side.  This would have lessened the light on the tee as well.  I also had some light leaking in from the windows that you can see in the upper middle and left of the ball, but overall I was happy with the finished shot.

Next week’s challenge is Abandoned and I have a few ideas of building in my local area.  

Photo Challenge 52Frames #8 Pairs

The photo challenge from this week was ‘Pairs’ or anything that comes in two.  It sounded like an interesting challenge, but I had a busy week with getting ready for a trip to Newport, Oregon for the Newport Wine and Seafood Fest and didn’t get around to this until the last minute.  I had a hard time coming up with an idea, but decided that the weather has been turning nice and it is getting into time to start working in the yard.  While working in the yard I wear a pair of work boots, so here is the photo I took.

Work boots

Spring is also time for golf and I tried another shot with my golf shoes in black and white, but didn’t like this one as much.

Golf anyone

I think what I learned most with this one was not to wait until the last minute.  I was able to get a photo and keep my streak alive, so I will consider that a positive.  The Wine and Seafood Fest was fun and we had a good time and even had a couple beers at one of my favorite spots, The Rogue Brewery.

Beers at the Rogue

Beers with a view!

Photo Challenge 52Frames #7 Intentional Color Palette

This week's photo challenge from was Intentional Color Palette and led me to take a photo I had thought about for some time, but didn't have the motivation, inspiration, or whatever to take.  I took a bunch of wine corks and laid them flat in a plastic storage bin and placed a wine glass with a serving of Pinot Noir from one of my favorite vineyards, Willamette Valley Vineyards, flat on top of the corks.  I used a Rotolight led light to the right of the camera to light the image.

I liked the way this came out and it fit the image I had imagined before shooting.  I took some additional photos, but this was the one I chose to upload to 52 Frames.  One of the others I shot I used a corkscrew as an additional prop, but just didn't like the image as much. Let me know if you recognize any of the vineyards.

I shot this image with my Sony a6000 with the 35mm, 1.8 lens.  My favorite part of this was that when I was finished I got to drink the prop while editing the photos!  Next week's challenge is Pairs, or anything that comes in two.  Cheers!

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