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52Frames Nature

I spent a few more days this week at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. It’s nice walking around at sunrise before too many people show up. Tulips are mostly at full bloom and the golden hour light makes the colors pop.

52Frames Emotion

Every year the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is held about a half hour drive from my house and brings in Spring. It’s always fun walking around and looking at all the varieties of tulips and I usually try and focus on the different ones that stand out from the ones around them. Here’s to new beginnings, cheers!

52 Frames Long Exposure

I was out for a walk with just my iPhone and took this shot of the creek that runs through Silverton. Everything was done in the native Photos app on the phone. I like the fact I always have the phone with me, but still feel like I should have used a ‘real camera’. I may try to revisit this later.

52Frames Activity

Spent some time this week with my dad watching the Oregon State Beavers play a little baseball. An activity I enjoyed growing up and have fun watching now. He has season tickets right behind home plate and it is always a good time.

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