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52Frames Get Low

I tried low angles of our cats, shots of grass, looking up through trees, but didn’t like any of them, so I went for a run. During the run I saw some standing water and had the idea for this photo. Set the camera on the ground, ran around to get in the frame, and tried to position my feet like I was running. Took about 15 attempts and liked this one.

52 Frames Leading Lines

Tried a bunch of different things for this week, but wanted to incorporate my son and his car. Went to an industrial part of town and found a dead end road, had him park next to the sidewalk, and walked ahead a little and took the shot looking back.

Photo Challenge #17 Soft

The challenge for the week from was ‘Soft’. This could be soft focus, soft items, or whatever soft meant to us.

I used a new manual focus adapted lens I just got on eBay, a 58mm f1.4 Minolta to isolate the leaves and make the background soft. I am enjoying these challenges and can't wait to be able to explore beyond my backyard and neighborhood when this current pandemic is over.

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