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52Frames Wide Angle

This is the view from Brooks Winery’s tasting room patio. It overlooks the garden they get vegetables from for the food they serve, the summertime seating area, and the Willamette Valley looking towards Portland. We were there for a tasting and I used my RX100iii to capture this shot. Cheers!

52Frames Portrait

Took my son out to his school and shot through some metal framing. I took a lot of photos, but on this one I caught him mid hair flip. He liked this one the best, so here you go!

Her are a couple alternatives I took.

52Frames Red

Caught the sun shining through a Japanese maple we have in our backyard. I got on the ground looking up through the tree towards the sun.

52Frames 100ISO

I went to the Oregon Coast and tried a morning at Thor’s Well, but the morning didn’t give me any color, so I took some reflection shots in a nearby tide pool.

52Frames Fabric

Old faded blue jeans and a flannel shirt were the fabrics I chose for this challenge. I used my new Sony a7iii with a 50mm lens and used natural light for this shot.

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