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Photo Challenge 52Frames #8 Pairs

The photo challenge from this week was ‘Pairs’ or anything that comes in two.  It sounded like an interesting challenge, but I had a busy week with getting ready for a trip to Newport, Oregon for the Newport Wine and Seafood Fest and didn’t get around to this until the last minute.  I had a hard time coming up with an idea, but decided that the weather has been turning nice and it is getting into time to start working in the yard.  While working in the yard I wear a pair of work boots, so here is the photo I took.

Work boots

Spring is also time for golf and I tried another shot with my golf shoes in black and white, but didn’t like this one as much.

Golf anyone

I think what I learned most with this one was not to wait until the last minute.  I was able to get a photo and keep my streak alive, so I will consider that a positive.  The Wine and Seafood Fest was fun and we had a good time and even had a couple beers at one of my favorite spots, The Rogue Brewery.

Beers at the Rogue

Beers with a view!

Photo Challenge 52Frames #7 Intentional Color Palette

This week's photo challenge from was Intentional Color Palette and led me to take a photo I had thought about for some time, but didn't have the motivation, inspiration, or whatever to take.  I took a bunch of wine corks and laid them flat in a plastic storage bin and placed a wine glass with a serving of Pinot Noir from one of my favorite vineyards, Willamette Valley Vineyards, flat on top of the corks.  I used a Rotolight led light to the right of the camera to light the image.

I liked the way this came out and it fit the image I had imagined before shooting.  I took some additional photos, but this was the one I chose to upload to 52 Frames.  One of the others I shot I used a corkscrew as an additional prop, but just didn't like the image as much. Let me know if you recognize any of the vineyards.

I shot this image with my Sony a6000 with the 35mm, 1.8 lens.  My favorite part of this was that when I was finished I got to drink the prop while editing the photos!  Next week's challenge is Pairs, or anything that comes in two.  Cheers!

Photo Challenge 52Frames #6 Rule of Thirds

This week’s challenge from is Rule of Thirds.  The Rule of Thirds is typically one of the first rules you learn in photography and one of the best known.  Picture a tic tac toe board across your photo dividing the frame into nine equal parts, then you place your subject on one of the intersections of lines.  Our eyes naturally

land on these points and they are considered the sweet spots.  When I read about this challenge I was thinking of a lone tree in a field, possibly on a horizon line and went for a drive a few miles from my house and here is what I shot.

Lone Tree

I shot this on my Sony a6000 with 35mm f/1.8 lens.  This was shot at 1/1250 shutter speed, f/1.8 aperture, and ISO of 100.  I edited this in Lightroom and placed the tree at the top left intersection or third of the photo.  I made some adjustments in the lighting and adjusted the color since this was shot RAW.  I also decided to play around in Luminar 4 by Skylum and do some sky replacements since the clouds were kind of boring.

Although I liked both of the sky replacements I went with the original for my post to 52Frames.  Next week’s challenge is Intentional Color Palette.  This will focus on intentional use of color.

Photo Challenge 52Frames #5 Shoot From Above

I had an idea to get a photo looking down from the tower at Willamette Valley Vineyards, but after climbing the tower and taking some shots of the vineyard I looked down the spiral staircase and decided to take a shot looking down. I ended up liking this one better the rest of the shots I took that day. I titled this one, “Winding Down at the Winery.”  At the bottom of this staircase a bottle of Cabernet Franc was waiting for me!

I shot this with my Sony a6000 with a Funleader 18mm f8 lens.  Here are a couple of other shots from the tower and what I was thinking of when I climbed the staircase.

And I finished the day with some fries and a bottle of one of my favorite wines!

Next weeks challenge is Rule of Thirds.

Photo Challenge 52Frames #4 Fill The Frame

I enlisted the help of my son for this week’s fill the frame challenge. I had the idea of using a little flash and killing the background. This was taken inside our house around 10 am. I used longer lens with an f6.7 aperture. One light camera right with two Maggrid modifiers.

I used the Fujifilm XT1 with a 50-230 lens.  This photo was taken at f6.7, iso 200, and a shutter speed of 1/180.   You can find the challenges at am also posting these photos on Instagram at  

Next weeks challenge is Shot From Above. The challenge is to look at the world from a higher vantage point, and shoot the world below. This type of photography is often referred to as 'bird's eye view' photography.

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