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Photo Challenge #17 Soft

The challenge for the week from was ‘Soft’. This could be soft focus, soft items, or whatever soft meant to us.

I used a new manual focus adapted lens I just got on eBay, a 58mm f1.4 Minolta to isolate the leaves and make the background soft. I am enjoying these challenges and can't wait to be able to explore beyond my backyard and neighborhood when this current pandemic is over.

Photo Challenge #14 Curves

With the Coronavirus and staying home a lot more I am looking for things inside the house that have curves. The new restrictions have also given me a renewed interest in picking this thing up and practicing. Normally a challenge like this would have me taking a drive in the country looking for some s curves on the road, but instead I am discovering local photo opportunities. I tried this in black and white, but liked the warm tones I got in color a little more.

Here are some of the alternatives I shot for this challenge.

These were all shot with myFujifilm XT1 and 35mm f2 Lens.

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