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Photo Challenge 52Frames #11 Triangular Composition

The week 11 photo challenge from was ‘Triangular Composition.  The intentional use of triangles in photography is another composition tool to create strong and interesting photos. They are used to create stability and sometimes symmetry in your photo.  The trick was to find these triangles.  I went on several walks and drive trying to find something with a triangular shape that I could photograph, I took several, but decided on this photo from a park near my home with some trees that formed a triangle shape with the sunrise peaking through.

Sunrise Silhouette

This was a challenging one for me because triangles aren’t something I naturally look for or use in my photography.  Once I started looking ad thinking about the shape I was able to find some and got some decent photos.  And I think that is the point of these challenges is to push yourself to see things in a different way and explore things you wouldn’t normally try.

Ready to Explode

Leaning Trees

Sunrise in the Pines

Next week’s challenge is ‘Books’, so I will see what I can come up with from the library in my house while being locked in avoiding the virus.

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